Agile at Elasticbrains

At Elasticbrains, we implement all development projects in an agile manner – whether in our own development teams or at our customers*. We set agile standards – through our many years of experience and many satisfied customers.

Adherence to deliberate interfaces in an agile (e.g. Scrum or Kanban) team have emerged as a result of our many years of experience in agile processes and transformations.

What we can do for you:

💡 Agile Compass in Digital Product Development: From Your Idea to MVP in Eight Weeks

💡 Agile Coaches and SMaaS: Precisely fitting and highly flexible placement of Scrum Masters*, Agile Coaches and Product Owners*.

💡 Agile Continents: With our multidisciplinary software teams your digital product becomes reality

Since the foundation of Elasticbrains in 2015, we deliberately rely on agile coaches and scrum masters* with interdisciplinary, diverse backgrounds/qualifications, (mainly from the social sector), as they bring a sound education in dealing with people and social systems. We put a lot of emphasis on the social skills and emotional intelligence (or expertise) of our Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to prevent conflicts of interest, to establish psychological safety as a success factor in teams and to focus on the people in the team. The product owners in our teams should also have a non-technical and process-related view in order to consciously set abstractions here as well.

Through this setup we achieve an optimal self-organization in your company.

Scrum Teams bei Elasticbrains

Our Scrum Master*s and our agile team is equipped with the following certificates:

Why agile?

We see the following characteristics, goals, and benefits with agile teams:


Agile organizations regularly reflect on themselves to become more efficient and adjust their own behavior.
Agile teams can respond more quickly to changing customer needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction in the long run.


Innovative capability is one of the most important strengths of a company. Employees often have ideas that do not receive the attention they deserve. An agile mindset can help create space for innovation even in large companies.

transformation @ Elasticbrains

Time to Market

Organizations often struggle with long development cycles. This leads to uncertainty among stakeholders and dissatisfaction among developers. An agile mindset can help to significantly accelerate time to market.


Due to rigid and old, often waterfall-like project management, quality suffers because there is little room for change requests in this system. An agile mindset can help maintain the focus on quality.

The advantages of agile working with Scrum and Kanban at Elasticbrains

At Elasticbrains, we have been using agile working methods such as Scrum and Kanban for years to deliver high-quality digital solutions to our customers. Agile methods enable us to respond flexibly and effectively to changes in our customers’ requirements and priorities and to continuously improve the quality of our work. Here we will take a closer look at the benefits of agile working with Scrum and Kanban at Elasticbrains.

Continuous improvement
One of the fundamental principles of the agile way of working is continuous improvement. At Elasticbrains, we use this philosophy to constantly optimize our work behavior and make it more effective. By introducing Scrum and Kanban, we have implemented a transparent and structured way of working that allows us to react quickly to changes and challenges while continuously improving our work.

Flexibility and adaptability
Agile working methods such as Scrum and Kanban provide us with the flexibility and adaptability we need to respond to changes in our customers’ requirements and priorities. By using backlogs and Kanban boards, we can quickly and easily adjust our work to ensure we are always on track.

Transparent communication
Another important characteristic of the agile way of working is transparent communication. At Elasticbrains, we use daily stand-up meetings and regular sprint reviews to ensure that all team members are on the same page and are aware of the project’s progress at all times. This open communication allows us to work together more effectively and ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations.

High quality
Agile working methods also have a positive impact on the quality of our work. By using Scrum and Kanban, we can ensure that all work packages are clearly defined and prioritized, which leads to a higher quality of our work and a lower error rate. The use of agile methods also helps to speed up the process of continuous improvement and troubleshooting.

Effective resource management
Another advantage of the agile way of working at Elasticbrains is the effective resource management. By using Scrum and Kanban, we can ensure that we make the best use of our resources while keeping our workload within reasonable limits. This allows us to ensure that we complete our projects on time and within budget.


The use of agile working methods such as Scrum and Kanban has led to a variety of benefits at Elasticbrains, including continuous improvement, flexibility and adaptability, transparent communication, high quality, and effective resource management. These benefits have helped us to improve our work, optimize our processes and increase customer satisfaction.

However, using agile working methods also requires some discipline and planning to ensure that all team members stay on track and the project stays on schedule. An important factor for the success of Scrum and Kanban is the active participation and collaboration of all team members. At Elasticbrains, we have created a culture of collaboration and mutual respect to ensure that all team members are motivated to actively participate in project work.

Overall, the use of agile working methods has proven to be extremely beneficial and has helped us deliver high-quality digital solutions for our customers. We will continue to rely on these methods in the future to ensure that we always deliver the best possible work to our customers.

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