Agile at Elasticbrains

All of our “projects” and assignments in Elasticbrains are implemented in an agile manner. Whether in cross-functional teams, pure development teams or mixed teams – we attach great importance to agile processes and set standards.

Adherence to deliberate interfaces and abstractions in an agile (e.g. Scrum or Kanban) team have emerged from many years of experience in agile processes and transformations. After founding Elasticbrains in 2015, we deliberately focused on Agile Coaches and Scrum Master:s with interdisciplinary, diverse backgrounds/qualifications, predominantly from the social sector, as they bring a sound education in working with people and social systems. We attach great importance to the social skills and emotional intelligence (or expertise) of our Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches in order to prevent conflicts of interest, to establish psychological security as a success factor in teams and to focus on the people in the team. The product owners in our teams should also have a non-technical and process-related view in order to deliberately create abstractions here as well.

Optimal self-organization can be achieved through this setup.

Scrum Teams bei Elasticbrains

Our Scrum Master:in and our agile team is equipped with the following certificates:

Why agile?

We see the following characteristics, goals, and benefits with agile teams:


Agile organizations regularly reflect on themselves to become more efficient and adjust their own behavior.
Agile teams can respond more quickly to changing customer needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction in the long run.


Innovative capability is one of the most important strengths of a company. Employees often have ideas that cannot be given the attention they deserve. An agile mindset can help create space for innovation even in large companies.

transformation @ Elasticbrains

Time to Market

Organizations often struggle with long development cycles. This leads to uncertainty among stakeholders and dissatisfaction among developers. An agile mindset can help to significantly accelerate time to market.


Due to rigid and old, often waterfall-like project management, quality suffers because there is little room for change requests in this system. An agile mindset can help maintain the focus on quality.

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