Nearshore teams
from and with Elasticbrains

Engage a cross-functional team with fullstack developers, UI/UX experts, product owners (proxy or full service), scrum masters, or expand your current team with specialists for selected technologies. You can find our tech stack here.

Scale and optimize costs with our nearshore teams

We work with various nearshore locations in Tunisia, Croatia and Bulgaria. The costs for development resources can be classified on the level of a headcount in Germany – but with flexible booking options.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Short- or long-term compensation for missing resources with nearshore teams
  • Expanding development clout in the long term and reducing personnel costs
  • flexible staffing for your projects, without long-term personnel search
  • many years of experience in building, managing and scaling nearshore teams
  • German-speaking contact person on request, e.g. Proxy PO (Product Owner) or Scrum Master
  • We find the optimal nearshore team for your needs and budget
  • Billing by Time & Material, transparent cost forecast, billing according to time spent (vacation and illness excluded)
  • flexible booking in 3 month intervals, up- and downscaling possible at any time
  • scaled Scrum teams e.g. Scrum of Scrum or up to SAFe possible

Flexible scaling and cost planning:

We offer our customers flexible planning of the TARGET and ACTUAL budgets. Transparent planning of teams keeps costs under control, at the end of the month we add the actual hours worked and there is a delta between the planned hours and the actual hours worked. We only bill for the hours actually worked, incl. Proof of performance in the form of dedicated time tracking.

Individual teammates are scheduled for each day of the month, and sick and vacation days are signed out. At the end of the month, the actual hours worked are entered and only those are accounted for.
In the annual overview, we transparently present the budget development of the team.

We help you build, manage and scale nearshore teams!

Find team

Quickly and flexibly find nearshore teams and developers with needed skills for your projects – from startup to enterprise.

Build team

Successfully integrate nearshore teams and developers and develop agile processes, systems and competencies.

Control team

Effectively and efficiently manage nearshore teams with certified, external product owners and Scrum masters.

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