Your MVP in
only 8 weeks

Companies like Garantiemax, Azubiscout or MYTERIAL have developed their digital product with us.

Why not you too?

In 8 weeks, how does that work?

In a joint workshop, we create the solution vision for your MVP.

This is then implemented in agile sprints by an interdisciplinary team together with you.

Week 1


We identify your key stakeholders for the project, together we define communication channels and meeting formats and dates and plan the kickoff workshop.

MVP Bootcamp

In a 3-day workshop, customer persona, customer journey and first screens of the user interface UI are developed in the Design Studio and the scope of the MVPis defined.

Week 2 - 7

Agile development

From the results of the workshops, we evaluate the most suitable technical platform for your requirements and develop the individual features iteratively in one-week sprints using our agile development process.

We deliver a working version of the product every week to get feedback on the developed features as soon as possible.

Week 8

MVP Testing

Your MVP is rolled out and is now being tested by potential customers. Feedback from the UX learning sessions is incorporated into MVP development so that the MVP can be hypothesis tested.

An MVP is far from perfect – we enter the race with 30, 40 or 50 percent and we need the users & customers for further development. We are often reluctant to do this, but it is essential for cost-saving testing of your product vision.

What is your idea for an MVP?

We are looking forward to your request