3 days Heros Journey

Heros Journey - In 3 Tagen zur digitalen Produktvision - unser Product Development Bootcamp Workshop
Unsere Heros Journey - In 3 Tagen zur digitalen Produktvision - der Product Development Bootcamp Workshop von Elasticbrains

Product Development Bootcamp Workshop

We take you from your idea to your digital product vision in 3 days

Build your vision with us

Design Thinking Methods

We combine innovative methods from design thinking to develop the best solution visions together with you in our workshop formats. We gather target users to work with you on the solution.

Customer Persona Workshop

Empathy is the key

A persona is a hypothetical user or consumer. Together, we equip this fictitious person with a name, individual characteristics, needs and problems to better understand the requirements of the software. This fictitious person is representative of the members of a real focus group who actually use an application, website, service or product later on. Assumptions made should be iteratively challenged, corrected, and refined as development progresses.

Customer Journey Workshop

Purposeful empathy

A customer journey reflects the journey of a persona in a certain period of time. All touchpoints of a consumer with a brand, a product or a service are recorded and documented. Typically, a Customer Journey is broken down into meaningful sections in which one identifies needs, problems, barriers, thoughts, and the emotional stress level of a persona. Complementary to this, initial low-fidelity prototypes are developed per section to make the product more understandable to the product development team and remove potential barriers between the persona and the brand. Assumptions made should be iteratively challenged, corrected, and refined as development progresses.

Design Studio

Our way to develop a UI/UX concept for new functions

The goal of this workshop is the collaborative and iterative development of different ideas and solutions for a user interface of the product to be developed. A design studio combines the creativity of people from different disciplines with an agile, highly interactive and structured workshop format. Starting from a task, the so-called “Design Challenge”, which defines the topic, a consensus between different ideas is formed step by step.

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The 3 Days Product Development Bootcamp Workshop
€ 4.999
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  • Day 1: Customer Persona Workshop
  • Day 2: Customer Journey Workshop
  • Day 3: Design Studio Workshop
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