MVP - Minimal Viable Product

No MVP without testing

“A Minimum Viable Product, literally a “minimally viable product,” is the first minimally functional iteration of a product that must be developed to meet customer, market, or functional needs with minimal effort and ensure actionable feedback.”

MVP Startup Minimal viable product

The M in MVP is crucial

Based on the results of the previous workshops, we evaluate the most suitable technical platform for the requirements and develop the individual features iteratively in our agile development process. The goal is to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) based on an initial pilot. 

The time for the MVP should be clearly defined, based on 6-8 sprints (a 2-week period), the digital product should be able to be presented to the first customers and / or users for testing. Here it is important that the product/service is tested under realistic conditions at the customer’s site. Only functions that are absolutely necessary for the actual purpose are implemented. This may well be just a single function. This significantly accelerates product development in terms of time and saves valuable resources. 

The rapid release of an initial MVP version enables early testing and, if necessary, the development of new products. already first revenues.

“If you’re not ashamed of your MVP in the marketplace, you don’t have an MVP.”

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