Holacracy - a new operating system for organizations

Since 2017, the topic of Holacracy has been on my mind.

“A revolutionary management system for a volatile world”.

What does that mean for us exactly?

In Elasticbrains, we have been trying to set up all topics we have in an agile way since our foundation in 2015 – from classic development teams, shared teams, mixed teams, cross-functional teams to marketing and sales activities – everything Agile, 99% Scrum. Basic.

Is AGILE the answer to all questions?

But what about other topics? Finances? Controlling? How do we deal with cross-cutting issues? Content for the website? SoMe from all disciplines? Who does onboarding of new employees? Who takes care of the birthdays? Who is committed to sustainability at Elasticbrains? and and and…?

Scrum (even in scaled systems like SAFe or Scrum of Scrum etc.) does not really offer a satisfying answer to this for us – so it remains open – classical structures? Hire someone for every topic? Build overheads?

what was that holacracy again?

After Ben and I reread the book

Holacracy: A Revolutionary Management System for a Volatile World

reread the book, we decided to try the experiment – it sounds good, promising – like the evolution of a company that already knows, teaches and works in 100% agile.

Our experiment could start – with a 3 week training from the
Xpreneurs from Switzerland
we set off into the unknown and will share our learnings and experiences with you here.

Our Journey:

Further information about Holacracy

The official website of
Holacracy One: www.holacracy.org

Here you can find the current Holacracy Constitution:


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