We use Holacracy to enforce strong participation in an environment where remote control is paramount.

Holacracy is a decentralized management and organizational system that can be effective for remote-first companies because it helps distribute decision-making power and encourages active participation from team members. By implementing Holacracy, Elasticbrains can foster a culture of transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement, which can lead to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. […]

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 3

Welcome to the new role: Smart Recruiter Today, in the #Governance meeting, we worked on the tension with our Agile team that the #organization of recruiting processes does not fit so well into the role of the Agile Coach’in and that we should establish a separate, (also cross-team?) role for this. No sooner said than done […]

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 2

Just before the weekend, we have today another #Governance Meeting at #Agile #Team and also had a “guest listener” with us today who has not yet familiarized himself with #Holacracy has engaged. Of course we were again in the #Agile circle on the road and have 2 new #Domains for the #Scrummaster *in defined: Organization of Scrum Events(#Daily, #Planning, #Retro, #Review) Organization of the sprints in a Scrum team With […]

HOLACRACY – Tactical Meeting 1

After our first Governance Test Meeting in our Holacracy Experiment at Elasticbrains GmbH, we have now also held our first Tactical Meeting in the Agile Team. I was also here in the role of Secretary & Lead Link and excited to see what happens when we in the Agile Team map the work IN the […]


After our first Holacracy governance meeting, we have the first result today: one meeting was cancelled and the topics will be carried into the next governance meeting 😀 Thus 1 voting appointment is omitted today and finds its place where it belongs: the Holacracy Governance Meeting A mini step in the transformation, but I am […]

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 1

We held our first #Governance Test Meeting in our #Holacracy experiment at Elasticbrains GmbH, adapting the #role of #ScrumMaster in the #Agile team…. I was in the role of Secretary & Lead Link and excited to see what would happen as we on the Agile team introduced and experienced this methodology for the first time…. […]