How we accompanied the InsurTech startup Garantiemax from the initial idea to the finished platform

We have accompanied the insur-tech startup from the first idea and our product development bootcamp workshop, to the first MVP, to the finished platform since 2020 on a digital journey and were allowed to be part of how something great is created.


One of the biggest challenges was to develop a disruptive product with unique selling points. Another important aspect was compliance with the strict requirements of insurance law. A particular challenge was to enter the market without a suitable backend. These challenges required close collaboration, extensive requirements analysis, and an iterative approach to ensure Garantiemax could successfully enter the market and grow.

What have we done?

During the cooperation with Garantiemax, Elasticbrains performed the following tasks and activities:

Strategic alignment

Elasticbrains assisted Garantiemax in developing the basic concepts. Through extensive workshops, personas were created, the customer journey was thought through, and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was defined. This resulted in clear alignment of the product and brand, with multiple pivots made possible by the agile approach.

Structure of the company

Elasticbrains assisted Garantiemax in setting up the company. This included proposal writing, trade show booths, document management, pitch presentations, cloud solutions, and providing accounting support.

Building the digital infrastructure

Elasticbrains helped Garantiemax set up a comprehensive digital infrastructure. This included setting up the basic IT infrastructure, accounting and billing processes, contract design and creating a digital infrastructure for operational processes.

Product development and collaboration

Elasticbrains was involved from the idea to the implementation. We helped with ideation, conceptualization and design layout/UX – our Product Development Bootcamp workshop was the start. Through iterative sprints and continuous development, we support Garantiemax to this day in constantly improving the product and adapting it to market requirements. Through these iterative work processes and close collaboration, we have continuously developed and adapted the platforms to meet the changing needs of the market. These pivots and customizations were critical to highlighting Garantiemax’s unique selling points and ensuring that the company had a competitive advantage.

Our goal was to explore and test different business models together with Garantiemax to find the optimal strategic direction. This iterative approach has enabled us to ensure that Garantiemax is successful in the long term and adapts to the changing needs of customers.

Agile Methods & Lean Thinking

The flexible approach to platform development and tapping into different business models were critical to helping Garantiemax take a strong position in the digital insurance market and succeed in the long term.

What we have achieved

Through our collaboration with Garantiemax, we have jointly developed different platforms and conducted multiple pivots to find the optimal solutions for the company. In doing so, we have tapped into several business models to successfully position Garantiemax in the digital insurance market. Our iterative approach and close collaboration have enabled the platforms to continuously evolve and adapt to meet changing needs.

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