Our processes

Lean Start-Up, Design Thinking, Agile – our processes on the way to your digital product

Our process at a glance

We provide an interdisciplinary team for the duration of the project, which takes care of the implementation of the workshops and the development of the various work packages.

We combine innovative methods from design thinking to develop the best solution visions together with you in our workshop formats. We gather target users to work with you on the solution.


We use design thinking processes to conceptualize successful and individual solutions. The customer and his needs and problems are always in focus. These are identified along different customer journeys and analyzed with regard to an exceptional user experience. We develop visions and outline solutions in collaborative workshops. This gives us important information and a vision of the new website, which is implemented in the iterative design and development phase using agile sprints.

Customer Persona Workshop

Customer Journey Workshop

Design Studio


Based on the planned epics, we define the functional scope of a first MVP (Minimal Viable Product) which can be used by real customers in live operation.
Within the 2-week sprints, the cross-functional developer team will develop the epics worked out on the basis of the Design Thinking & Lean Startup phase. The UserStories resulting from the Epics are prioritized by the Product Owner in your company and iteratively implemented by our development team with the goal of developing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in order to reach and win real customers with it as quickly as possible.


“A Minimum Viable Product, literally a “minimally viable product,” is the first minimally functional iteration of a product that must be developed to meet customer, market, or functional needs with minimal effort and ensure actionable feedback.”


In addition to the further development of the app platform with new features, which is organized in the same sprint mechanism as the MVP development, maintenance, support and troubleshooting are an important organizational component after a digital product goes live.

We separate in the area of support of the systems into two areas:

  • Maintenance & Care
  • Support & Incident Management

Both areas are to be considered separately and can be commissioned individually, or together. Maintenance & upkeep are mapped within the DevOp team as well. The team responds to bugs and issues posted via mail or directly ticket system (Jira) or critical system errors reported via monitoring and alerting. The errors are processed in a prioritized manner within the Agile Sprints.

In return, the DevOps team is also available outside office hours in an escalation chain to be defined in order to eliminate errors & problems.

Maintenance & Care:

Maintenance and support can optionally be taken over after the project has gone live. Services are provided during normal office hours and are generally billed on a time and materials basis at the indicated daily rates on a monthly basis.

Support & Incident Management:

Support & Incident Management includes the provision of one or more DevOps who can respond to outages or support requests – especially outside of normal office hours. Readiness applies during specific times and keeps resources and contacts available.

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