Join us – Recruiting new teammates

After defining a new Smart Recruiter role in our Holacracy Governance meeting yesterday, we’d also like to briefly explain how we go about the process of meeting a new person for Elasticbrains.

Currently means organizing a job interview ‘s at Elasticbrains GmbH,

  1. to find an appointment of about 1,5 hours with the candidate,
  2. then 5 Elasticbrains interviewees for an approx. 15-20 minute interview round.

This then looks like this, for example:

We have a new candidate for xyz:
10:00 – 10:10 – altogether, short intro
10:10 – 10:25 – Mila
10:25 – 10:40 – Mike
10:40 – 10:55 – Mia
10:55 – 11:10 – Mon
11:10 – 11:25 – Flo
11:25 – 11:40 – Max & Daniel recap

Afterwards, we take feedback from all interviewers, sit down together in a follow-up meeting and think about whether he/she will become a new Elasticbrain, or why not.

The person who organized the appointment is also the bearer of the good or bad news.

The process is accompanied by recruiting software, which greatly supports and facilitates the work.

Today we have our next Tactical Holacracy meeting, I’ll keep y’all updated

Photo by Linda Eller-Shein from Pexels
Photo from
Linda Eller-Shein

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 3

Welcome to the new role: Smart Recruiter

Today, in the #Governance meeting, we worked on the tension with our Agile team that the #organization of recruiting processes does not fit so well into the role of the Agile Coach’in and that we should establish a separate, (also cross-team?) role for this.
No sooner said than done – we also defined a Purpose – (because you already need that in Holacracy to bring a role into being):

“Provide an optimal recruiting process for potential new Elasticbrains colleagues*.”

The Purpose is deliberately openly defined to give a lot of decision-making power.

One of our #coaches took on the #facilitator role for once today and the following feedback came in:

“You get more and more into Holacracy. In our governance meetings, we are well coached, safe and consistent. In doing so, we still have the time to understand the reasons for this unfamiliar decision-making derivation. Exciting. Good stuff”

Tomorrow is the next #Tactical Meeting – I’ll keep you in the loop

Holacracy Role Smart Recruiter
Purpose: To provide an optimal recruiting process for potential new Elasticbrains colleagues.
Holacracy Role Smart Recruiter
Purpose: To provide an optimal recruiting process for potential new Elasticbrains colleagues.

Readings 2020

These are some of my books that have accompanied me in this incredibly crazy and exhausting year 2020. Through some #blink of #blinkist I came across it, but I was particularly captivated by the #Holacracy topic of Brian J Robertson, since 2017 the #Management System or rather #Operating System for organizations gives me no peace.
Read more about our experiment at Elasticbrains here: Holacracy at Elasticbrains

What are your reads from the past year?

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 2

Just before the weekend, we have today another #Governance Meeting at #Agile #Team and also had a “guest listener” with us today who has not yet familiarized himself with #Holacracy has engaged.

Of course we were again in the #Agile circle on the road and have 2 new #Domains for the #Scrummaster *in defined:

With small but subtle objections in the team, we have accepted the domains for the moment, knowing that if they do not fit (i.e. tensions occur) we will adjust them… Edge case discussions were well averted by the process (what if the Scrum Master* is sick) and thus we also managed to define the #Purpose :

“Guardian of the Scrum process, Servant Leader for the Scrum team and representative for the Agile team of Elasticbrains

Besides 2 other roles that we have created, we can start the weekend satisfied and let our learnings sink in.

In this sense – “raise your hands – weekend 😀👋🏻”

HOLACRACY – Tactical Meeting 1

After our first Governance Test Meeting in our Holacracy Experiment at Elasticbrains GmbH, we have now also held our first Tactical Meeting in the Agile Team.

I was also here in the role of Secretary & Lead Link and excited to see what happens when we in the Agile Team map the work IN the team via Holacracy for the first time.


The Tactical Meeting is designed much more “open” and challenged us as Facilitator and Secretary especially, we often swam and we realized: we have to practice this a few times 🤣
Fortunately, the Agile team in particular is very open to learning together and did a good job of buffering our “lack of knowledge.”

BUT we also had tensions that arose and were able to prepare them for the next #Governance meeting.

We were even more uncertain than at the governance meeting – afterwards we looked again at the process and drew some learnings from it.

Exciting, thrilling and challenging – I’ll keep you posted 😀 on our #Holacracy #Experiment.

HOLACRACY - Tactical Meeting 1
Our Agile Holacracy Circle


After our first Holacracy governance meeting, we have the first result today: one meeting was cancelled and the topics will be carried into the next governance meeting 😀

Thus 1 voting appointment is omitted today and finds its place where it belongs: the Holacracy Governance Meeting

A mini step in the transformation, but I am very happy about it 🎉

HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 1

We held our first #Governance Test Meeting in our #Holacracy experiment at Elasticbrains GmbH, adapting the #role of #ScrumMaster in the #Agile team….
I was in the role of Secretary & Lead Link and excited to see what would happen as we on the Agile team introduced and experienced this methodology for the first time….

Conclusion: exciting, new, many question marks for everyone, but: happy to continue!

The photo shows the initial snapshot, let’s see how it will develop….

Have you tried Holacracy?

Holacracy Circle of Elasticbrains