How does digital MVP development work at a startup?

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In the world of software development and digital product management, the term Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is becoming increasingly common. An MVP is an early version of a digital product that is developed and released quickly to validate whether it resonates with users and thus meets the need. By using an MVP, developers and companies can quickly get feedback from their users to continuously improve the product.

Eric Ries’ Lean Startup concept emphasizes MVP development as part of an iterative process where the product is constantly improved to meet the user’s needs. At Elasticbrains, we also use this approach to develop and improve digital products quickly and efficiently.

The development of an MVP starts with identifying the main functions and features of the product. The team should focus on the core elements necessary to meet the user’s needs. The MVP should be kept simple and developed quickly to reach the market as soon as possible.

An important aspect of developing an MVP is collecting feedback. User feedback is an important factor to continuously improve the MVP. Elasticbrains uses a variety of tools to gather feedback, including online surveys, user analytics, and A/B testing. This feedback allows us to continuously improve the product features and design and adapt them to the users’ needs.

Another important aspect of MVP development is team collaboration. At Elasticbrains, we work in agile teams that focus on collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. The MVP development process requires the team to collaborate effectively and focus on priorities to get the product to market quickly.

Overall, developing an MVP has many benefits, especially in the area of digital product development. It helps reduce development costs and times, and allows the team to quickly get feedback from users and continuously improve the product. Elasticbrains also leverages Eric Ries’ Lean Startup approach to ensure our MVP development remains agile, effective, and user-centric.

However, there are also some challenges in developing an MVP. A common problem is that the MVP is not sufficiently validated to meet user needs. It is important that the team invests enough time and resources to gather feedback from users and adjust the product accordingly.

Another challenge is deciding which functions and features to include in the MVP. The team must carefully consider which features are necessary to make the MVP functional and which features can potentially be added in later releases.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of an MVP cannot be overlooked. It allows the team to quickly launch a working product, gather user feedback, and adjust the product accordingly. Elasticbrains prides itself on providing agile, effective, and user-centric MVP development that enables our customers to build and improve digital products quickly and efficiently.


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