HOLACRACY – Governance Meeting 2

Governance Meeting 2 Rolle Scrum Master angepasst

Just before the weekend, we have today another #Governance Meeting at #Agile #Team and also had a “guest listener” with us today who has not yet familiarized himself with #Holacracy has engaged.

Of course we were again in the #Agile circle on the road and have 2 new #Domains for the #Scrummaster *in defined:

With small but subtle objections in the team, we have accepted the domains for the moment, knowing that if they do not fit (i.e. tensions occur) we will adjust them… Edge case discussions were well averted by the process (what if the Scrum Master* is sick) and thus we also managed to define the #Purpose :

“Guardian of the Scrum process, Servant Leader for the Scrum team and representative for the Agile team of Elasticbrains

Besides 2 other roles that we have created, we can start the weekend satisfied and let our learnings sink in.

In this sense – “raise your hands – weekend 😀👋🏻”


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