HOLACRACY – Tactical Meeting 1

After our first Governance Test Meeting in our Holacracy Experiment at Elasticbrains GmbH, we have now also held our first Tactical Meeting in the Agile Team.

I was also here in the role of Secretary & Lead Link and excited to see what happens when we in the Agile Team map the work IN the team via Holacracy for the first time.


The Tactical Meeting is designed much more “open” and challenged us as Facilitator and Secretary especially, we often swam and we realized: we have to practice this a few times 🤣
Fortunately, the Agile team in particular is very open to learning together and did a good job of buffering our “lack of knowledge.”

BUT we also had tensions that arose and were able to prepare them for the next #Governance meeting.

We were even more uncertain than at the governance meeting – afterwards we looked again at the process and drew some learnings from it.

Exciting, thrilling and challenging – I’ll keep you posted 😀 on our #Holacracy #Experiment.

HOLACRACY - Tactical Meeting 1
Our Agile Holacracy Circle

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